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Academic Partners

Citizen Developer

Citizen Developer Basics

Designed for citizen developers, this trail covers the basics of RPA and how you can identify use cases for creating bots. You’ll also learn the basics and benefits of Automation 360. Learn how to build a basic functional bot, use the Automation 360 recorder to record actions, and automate simple processes using Automation 360 Excel commands.

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Bot Developer (Automation 360)

Bot Developer (Automation 360)

Created for RPA developers, this learning trail demonstrates how to meet various business requirements by creating, installing, deploying, and maintaining RPA bots on the cloud-native Automation 360 platform. Enroll to learn core RPA concepts and functionalities such as building a simple bot, building resiliency within a bot, and automating tasks for common applications.

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Business Analyst (Automation 360)

Business Analyst (Automation 360)

Developed especially for business analysts, this learning trail shows how to analyze business processes and introduce RPA into your organization and provides an understanding of dependencies and considerations to build out a valid case for automation. You will learn to identify processes, build a basic bot, automate tasks and manage reports.

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Learning Subscription

Unlimited access to expert class instruction and exclusive eLearning content

Accelerate your RPA transformation and gain in-demand intelligent automation knowledge and skills with the AAU Learning Subscription. Experience frictionless learning with a 12-month subscription that offers unlimited expert live instructor-led training classes, premium eLearning content, and industry-leading certifications.

Automation 360

The leading intelligent automation platform

Automation 360 is the world’s only cloud-native, web-based platform for end-to-end automation—double the amount of automated processes, at a fraction of legacy RPA systems’ infrastructure and three times faster scaling.
Start your training with self-paced online learning trails and master the industry’s leading intelligent automation platform.

Role-Based Learning

A customized learning experience that provides you a tailored program

Whether you are an RPA Developer, Business Analyst, IT Administrator or an academic teaching automation skills to your students, immerse yourself into role-based training programs that give you the perfect combination of learning trails, certifications and more to fast-track your RPA learning journey.

Knowledge of RPA is one of today’s fastest growing skills. Are you ready to take off with the industry’s most comprehensive RPA training courses?

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