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RPA Advanced Certification
Automation 360

About the RPA certification exam

Automation Anywhere Certified Advanced RPA Professional (Automation 360)

This certification exam validates the learner’s knowledge and proficiency of Automation 360 RPA platform. You will be tested on its features, functionality, and application.

Certification objectives

  • Identify business processes that can be automated
  • Describe how to use Automation 360 to build software robots (bots)
  • Describe the new and advanced features of Automation 360
  • Describe how Automation 360 resolves real-life business and automation challenges
  • duration_iconDuration:2 Hours
  • online_iconFormat:Online
  • attemptsNumber of attempts:Two
  • questionsNumber of questions:60
  • scorePassing score:80%
  • dollar_signCost:50 USD

Certificate upon successful completion

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Automation Anywhere Certified Advanced RPA Professional (Automation 360)

Recommended Prerequisites

To best prepare for and successfully complete this RPA certification exam, we recommend that you do the following:

Complete the recommended prerequisite courses:

  1. Hello Automation 360 Bot: Getting Started with Building Bots (1 hour)
  2. Building Resilient Bots Using Automation 360 (45 minutes)

Read the Automation 360 documentation

Get hands-on experience with Automation 360

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