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About Automation Anywhere certification

The demand for RPA has never been greater, with many jobs available to qualified RPA professionals. Automation Anywhere is the leader in RPA and the world’s most deployed digital workforce platform.

Enterprises are looking for trained RPA professionals to boost digital workforce ROI. Workers with RPA certification are often given preference in the hiring process. Automation Anywhere University offers globally-recognized certifications to demonstrate RPA knowledge and skills proficiency.

Essentials certification for students

Students attending a college or university in any study stream are eligible. Enroll and complete for free the Automation Anywhere University Certified Essentials RPA Professional learning trail.

  • Describe how Automation Anywhere's RPA tool can be used for creating software robots (Bots)
  • Describe how RPA resolves real-life business challenges

Acquire the certification by successfully passingthe Automation Anywhere University CertifiedEssentials RPA Professional Assessment.

Advanced certification for professionals

Enroll and complete for free the learning trail: Automation Anywhere Certified Advanced RPA Professional Prep (V11).

  • Describe how Automation Anywhere’s RPA tool can be used for creating software robots (Bots)
  • Identify the different business processes to be automated
  • Describe the new features of the Automation Anywhere client in order to build the bots
  • Describe the new advanced features of the web control room
  • Describe how RPA resolves real-life business challenges

Acquire the certification by successfully passingthe Automation Anywhere Advanced RPA Professional Assessment.

Master certification for Automation Anywhere customers and partners

Enroll and complete for free the learning trail: Automation Anywhere Certified Master RPA Professional Prep (v11). For blended learning (E-learning + ILT/VILT), view offerings on the Attend section or email to learning@automationanywhere.com

  • Describe how Automation Anywhere’s RPA tool can be used for creating bots
  • Describe Automation Anywhere Enterprise 11 Digital Workforce Platform, architecture,and its components
  • Describe the ways to centrally manage and monitor all the processes of the RPA infrastructure
  • Automate an end-to-end process for medium complexity use cases

Acquire the certification by successfully passing the skills-based Automation Anywhere Master RPA Professional Assessment.

Display certification on social media

We encourage you to share your Automation Anywhere University RPA certificate on social networks, such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

You can also showcase certification icons on your resume, business card and LinkedIn profile.

Below are certification icons for various certifications.

Automation Anywhere Essentials Certified RPA Professional

Automation Anywhere Advanced Certified RPA Professional

Automation Anywhere Master Certified RPA Professional

Claim your credentials

You’ll receive a credential (a badge or certification) after successful completion of a Certification exam or a Learning Trail.

How to claim your credential?

After successful completion of a learning trail, please follow below steps:

  1. Look for an email from learning@automationanywhere.com from Accredible. This email will have a credential (certification or badge) along with the link to view certificate on Accredible.
  2. Click ‘View my Certificate’ link to view dedicated link for your credential (For example https://certificates.automationanywhere.com/your-credential-id). We encourage you to share this link online and on social media to prove your proficiency with Automation Anywhere Digital Workforce Platform.

Display credential on social media

  1. Click on ‘View my Certificate’ link in an email you have received from learning@automationanywhere.com.
  2. Click on Sign In under options section on this page (https://certificates.automationanywhere.com/your-credential-id). It will take you to the sign-in page.
  3. Enter your login credentials to sign-in or click on sign-up to create an account with Accredible. It will take a moment to enter a few pieces of information to set up an account with Accredible.
  4. Once signed in, you will see your all credentials associated with Automation Anywhere.
  5. On the Credentials page, you will see more options to share credential on LinkedIn, add it to LinkedIn profile, embed and email it. You can also request a name change and make privacy settings for the same credential.
  6. For pending certification and badges, send an email to learning@automationanywhere.com to claim your pending badge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a digital badge and certification?

The digital badge and certification are online representations of achievement. Automation Anywhere University badges refer specifically to RPA role-based competency that you receive upon successful completion of a Learning Trail.

The digital certificate refers specifically to skills and knowledge-based bot building competency with Automation Anywhere’s Digital Workforce Platform.

Both badges and certificates are web-enabled credentials that contain verified information. Employers and third parties can use these credentials to evaluate an individual’s competency with Automation Anywhere’s Digital Workforce Platform.

What are the benefits of digital badge and certification?

The digital badge and certification can be used to represent your skills and proficiency. They provide you with a simple and manageable way to share your abilities online that is convenient and trusted.

How does my credential get displayed as a digital badge?

Automation Anywhere has partnered with Accredible to leverage their credential standards and provide learners with digital assets to showcase their competency. Accredible allows an individual to manage, share and embed credentials online.

What is Accredible?

Accredible is the platform used by Automation Anywhere University to host digital credentials for individuals.

Is there a cost associated with the digital certificate?

Storing, managing, and sharing of Automation Anywhere Digital Badges and Certificates are free for all registered Automation Anywhere University users who have earned a badge or certificate.

Once I have qualified to earn a badge or certificate, do I need to request the badge, or will it be automatically sent to me?

All badges and certificates are issued automatically by Automation Anywhere via the Accredible platform. Badges and certificates are immediately issued after the successful completion of the required assessment. You will receive email from learning@automationanywhere.com with instructions for claiming your badge.

Can I easily share digital badges and certificates online?

You can share your Automation Anywhere badges and certifications on LinkedIn, in emails, on personal websites and on personal blogs. The certificate verification link (e.g., https://certificates.automationanywhere.com/your-credential-id) allows your contacts to verify your credentials and profile on Accredible and provides you a way to authenticate your Automation Anywhere proficiency.

How do I add my credential on LinkedIn profile?

Follow Accredible’s step-by-step instructions to add your credential to your LinkedIn Profile.

Can I download credential as a PDF to print or share online?

Yes, once signed in to https://certificates.automationanywhere.com/ page, click on your credential and you can download credential by clicking ‘Download PDF’ in the Options section.

What if I don’t want my badge to be public?

You are in control of information and can easily configure your privacy settings. Sign in on https://certificates.automationanywhere.com/ page. Once signed in, click on credentials and on the credential page click on ‘PUBLIC - Change Privacy’ link in Options section on left to set credentials privacy.