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Learning trails Enterprise A2019 KNOWLEDGE SERIES

Advanced Developer/Solution Architect Workshop

This advanced training workshop allows learners to gain knowledge and techniques to successfully execute RPA projects as per proven industry standards to deliver process automation solutions.

The learner is provided an overview of the architecture and security of Automation Anywhere Enterprise, along with supported environments such as Citrix/ VM/Cloud. This training also covers the following topics: High Availability and Disaster Recovery, automation scaling, lifecycle and Bot Velocity.

Duration: 3 days

  • Two 3-hour sessions each day

Maximum Class Size: 10

Learning Objectives

After completing this training, learners will be able to:

  • Identify responsibilities of an RPA solution architect and build solutions to automate complex business processes
  • Describe the architecture, components, and deployment of Automation Anywhere Enterprise
  • Understand Bot Development Life Cycle (BDLC)
  • Translate business requirements into detailed solution designs and build governance to deliver end-to-end automation process solutions using RPA best practices
  • Identify and estimate infrastructure, information security, licensing and related development requirements
  • Promote development practices that result in stable bot operations
  • Understand how to architect large scale deployments in real-life situations and maintain bots for high availability and disaster recovery

Prerequisite training

  1. Complete the Mastering Bots: Design and Build an Advanced Digital Workforce & IQ Bot Essentials training
  2. Advanced RPA Professional certification
  3. Minimum 5 years of industry experience and one year of RPA experience


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