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Learning trails Enterprise A2019 KNOWLEDGE SERIES

About the trail

IT Infra Administrator

This learning trail explains how to design an RPA environment to ensure the environment is ready to install Automation Anywhere Enterprise (AAE) v11 Control Room and Client. This trail is ideal for RPA IT administrators who are responsible for designing the RPA infrastructure.

Learning trail objectives

After completing this learning trail, you will be able to:

  • Describe control room components, client core components and client server communication and how they are essential to operate Control Room
  • Explain and setup continuously operational infrastructure of bots with high availability
  • Explain the means to set up Control Room for a failover and disaster recovery
  • Explain the different modes of installing Enterprise v11 Control Room and Client as per business requirements
  • Duration:6 hours
  • Format:E-Learning
  • Cost:Free

Badge on completion

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IT Infra Administrator Badge

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