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Learning trails Enterprise A2019 KNOWLEDGE SERIES

About the trail

RPA Program Manager

This learning trail teaches you how to build the peripheral vision required for enterprise-level RPA adoption, strategy and scale. It shows how to set up a Center of Excellence (COE) in your organization to accelerate customer success. It illustrates how to build, deploy, and maintain your digital workforce. It teaches how to analyze complex business problems and recommend feasible, ROI-driven automation solutions.

Learning trail objectives

After completing this learning trail, you will be able to:

  • Explain the RPM involvement across the core focus areas of the RPA lifecycle
  • Perform Complexity Assessment by using the Complexity Calculator and generate an effort range for automation development and standardization
  • Identify the feasibility of automating a given task or process by using the Feasibility Matrix
  • Describe the CoE operating model, CoE team structure, and CoE support in the RPA adoption lifecycle for partners and customers
  • Duration:5 hours
  • Format:E-Learning
  • Cost:Free

Badge on completion

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RPA Program Manager Badge

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