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Learning trails Enterprise A2019 KNOWLEDGE SERIES

About the trail

Technical Support Specialist

This learning trail teaches you the basics of RPA and how it solves real-world business challenges. It illustrates how to use core Automation Anywhere Enterprise commands and functionalities. In addition, it shows how to support, build, deploy, and maintain bots, while gaining the know-how to answer client RPA questions. It also demonstrates how to perform maintenance and creative problem-solving for day-to-day automation challenges. 

Learning trail objectives

After completing this learning trail, you will be able to:

  • Describe how Automation Anywhere’s RPA tool can be used for creating software robots (Bots)
  • Describe Automation Anywhere Enterprise 11’s architecture, its components and create RPA Bots
  • Explain the process to install and configure Enterprise Controls Room and Client
  • Explain how to solve Level 1 and 2 errors with respect to Automation Anywhere Enterprise’s product
  • Duration:17 hours
  • Format:E-Learning
  • Cost:Free

Badge on completion

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Technical Support Specialist

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