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Bot Developer Enterprise A2019

About the trail

Automation Anywhere Enterprise A2019 Essential Student Prep
Note: This trail is available only to university students and faculty.

This learning trail is designed for Bot Developers, System Administrators, and Business Analysts. This trail teaches you all about Automation Anywhere Enterprise A2019 including how to install and configure Enterprise A2019 on-premises and Cloud-enabled deployment models, identify and prioritize business processes for automation and build bots using various Actions and Universal Recorder to automate repetitive or complex task on applications such as SAP, Excel, Outlook, Web Browser, etc. This trail also teaches about the importance of building resiliency within bots, building a bot with a reusable code for scalability and how the Human-Bot Collaboration feature of Enterprise A2019 enables real-time interaction between users and TaskBots.

Learning trail objectives

  • Install and configure the Automation Anywhere Enterprise A2019 on-premises platform
  • Define how to use Enterprise A2019 on-premises and the cloud services in the cloud-enabled deployment model
  • Use the automation pipeline to prioritize business processes for automation
  • Automate tasks in various applications using the Enterprise A2019 Actions and Universal Recorder
  • Build a reusable bot for scalability
  • Build resiliency within a bot
  • Describe the architecture, tools and functionalities of Human-Bot Collaboration
  • Automate invoice payments processing using the Human-Bot Collaboration feature
  • Course DurationDuration:8 hours
  • E-LearningFormat:E-Learning
  • CostCost: Free

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Bot Aspirant A2019

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