RPA Program Manager (v11)

About the trail

RPA Program Manager (v11)

This learning trail is designed for RPA Program Managers. It teaches how to understand business requirements, identify Robotic Process Automation or RPA opportunities, manage project scope, and develop and deploy automations in an organization that wants to implement RPA.

Learning trail objectives

By the end of this learning trail, you should be able to:

  • Describe how Automation Anywhere’s RPA tool can be used for creating software robots (Bots)
  • Describe the Automation Anywhere Enterprise 11 architecture and its components, and create RPA Bots
  • Explain the RPM involvement across the core focus areas of the RPA lifecycle
  • Explain the different ways to automate SAP business process using Automation Anywhere Enterprise product
  • Explain the two different ways to install the Automation Anywhere platform to automate business processes in Citrix
  • Identify and prioritize business process suitable for automation
  • Perform Complexity Assessment by using the Complexity Calculator and generate an effort range for automation development and standardization
  • Identify the feasibility of automating a given task or process by using the Feasibility Matrix
  • Describe the CoE operating model, CoE team structure and CoE support in the RPA adoption lifecycle for partners and customers
  • Course DurationDuration:5 hours
  • E-LearningFormat:E-Learning
  • CostCost: Subscription

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RPA Program Manager (v11)


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