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RPA Academic Alliance

Prepare your students today for the workforce of tomorrow

Bring RPA to the classroom

The Automation Anywhere University Academic Alliance is an industry-academia partnership enabling academic institutions to deliver an impactful, blended RPA course offering and hands-on practice with no-cost licenses of Automation Anywhere software.

Universities, community colleges, extension programs, and workforce re-skilling institutions partner with Automation Anywhere University to deliver foundational RPA knowledge, teach hands-on bot-building skills, and award RPA certification to students.


For students

  • Access to the Automation Anywhere Enterprise Platform, training, and globally recognized Essentials certification
  • Stand out for internships and full-time roles with an in-demand certification applicable across many industries
  • Build your personal brand with an opportunity to become an A-Lister, a student RPA ambassador
  • Build your bots and make them available on our Bot Store, the world's leading marketplace for bots and Digital Workers

For institutions

  • Offer programs and curriculum that prepares students for the future of work
  • Boost hiring rates with future-ready jobs
  • Establish Bot Labs on campus to offer exciting and ongoing learning opportunities for students and faculty
  • Provide a blended experience of digital and classroom learning with free Essentials certification
  • Flexible learning formats: Implement as core curriculum, as extension programs, or as continuing education programs

For faculty and educators

  • A Faculty Development Program that includes access to virtual live instructor-led classes (with hands-on practice), a broad catalog of e-learning courses and learning trails, and RPA Certification exam
  • Use videos, instructor kits, pre-configured environments, and additional curated resources to deliver outstanding learning experience for students
  • Access to a structured curriculum designed exclusively for Academia

For employers and partners

  • Engage with an expanding pool of educational institutions to recruit your workforce
  • Gain access to skilled and certified RPA ready next generation employees with no additional investment for your CoEs

RPA: one of the hottest jobs for the industrial revolution

This new era of work requires a new set of skills. The balance of labor between humans and bots is evolving and redefining existing roles–such as process experts and designers–as well creating new roles such as bot builders, bot supervisors, bot architects, bot insight analysts, and Digital Workforce support.

Up WorkRobotic Process Automation (RPA) ranks as the third fastest growing skill in the U.S. freelance job market.

According to a quarterly survey by Upwork

Up Work

Forrester The RPA market will reach $2.9 billion by 2021.

According to Forrester


Bot LabAutomation Anywhere Bot Lab provides our institution with a powerful futuristic digital platform which enables our students to express their creativity and upskill themselves. The platform also provides students with industry connections as it immediately addresses the industry needed skills.
Dr. Iven Jose,
Associate Dean,
Christ University

Program details

80 Hours

80 hours of formal blended learning, inclusive of certification, preparation, and skill-based Essentials certification

No Cost Training

Bot Lab set up, software license, training, RPA Essentials certification, and industry support

Opportunity For Students

Opportunity for students to submit bots for the Bot Store and participate in A-People, the world's largest RPA community

Addon Programs

Optional add-on programs for intelligent automation and analytics