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Learn RPA: Future-ready skills
for students and faculty

Enterprises are adopting RPA at a rapid scale to achieve cost, service quality, and productivity gains. The demand for RPA skills has increased exponentially and students with necessary RPA skills are in high demand. As the world's most advanced RPA platform provider, we empower educational institutions and faculty to equip students with the future-ready skills they need to succeed and get hired.


Are you a student? Start building your future with RPA training

Get training in the most in-demand skills

Jumpstart your RPA learning with Automation Anywhere University Essentials learning trails to gain foundational RPA skills on the Automation Anywhere RPA platform.

Experience the most advanced bot-building platform

Start building your future with Automation Anywhere Community Edition. Quickly create bots to automate tasks across applications, email, Excel automation and more.

Get certified

With the globally recognized Automation Anywhere Essentials RPA certification, you are one step closer to your future job or internship assignment.

Connect with community

Join A-people, the largest RPA community used by industry leaders, developers, and RPA practitioners. Get help, ideas, search for topics, problems, suggestions, answers, and connect with like-minded people.

Showcase your skills to the world

Bring your automation ideas to life and make a difference in the world by sharing your software bots on the Automation Anywhere Bot Store, the largest marketplace for pre-built intelligent automation solutions.


Faculty or educator? Shape the future of work

Academic Alliance Program

The Automation Anywhere Academic Alliance program enables academic institutions to create and deliver impactful RPA curricula for students to learn future-ready skills or pursue as a course of study. Universities, community colleges, extension programs, and workforce re-skilling institutions partner with Automation Anywhere University to deliver foundational RPA knowledge, teach hands-on bot-building skills, and award RPA certification to students.


Build your RPA skills

Join virtual “Train the Trainer” sessions to build your RPA knowledge, and learn how to use the Automation Anywhere RPA platform in engaging ways in the classroom while earning your RPA credentials.

Set up your RPA curriculum

Get full lessons, ideas, classroom materials, videos, and content so you can effectively teach and integrate RPA as part of your core curriculum to deliver an outstanding RPA learning experience for your students that will prepare them with future-ready skills.


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