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Enterprise A2019 is now called Automation 360! Although the name is changing, the platform itself remains the same. Over the coming months, we’ll update our course and learning trail names to Automation 360. For now, all Enterprise A2019 eLearning content remains intact and relevant.

Course Previews

Before enrolling, take a brief video tour of four foundational courses to see what you can accomplish with Automation 360 (Enterprise A2019). Select “next” to proceed to the next video.

  1. Hello A2019 Bot: An introductory course for getting started with building bots in Enterprise A2019
  2. Building Resilient Bots: A bot is only as good as its code. Learn how to build resiliency in bots
  3. Developing Bots for Scale: Learn how to build bots once and reuse your code base to scale
  4. Automating Tasks Using A2019 Excel Commands: Automate Excel tasks to save time, reduce errors, and optimize efficiency

Get trained and certified on Automation 360

Ready to experience Automation 360—the world’s only integrated cloud-native, AI-powered & web-based automation platform? Start your RPA training with our recommended self-paced, informative, and impactful role-based learning trails.

Ready to go next level? Then get RPA certified. Prepare for and take the Advanced RPA Professional (Enterprise A2019) exam to achieve industry-leading and globally recognized RPA certification.

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