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Getting Started

How do I enroll?

To enroll in a course or learning trail, you must first register with Automation Anywhere University (AAU) by clicking here and then selecting “Create Account”. After successfully creating an account, you will receive an email with a link to create your password. You’ll then be redirected to your learning dashboard, where you can then enroll in a course or learning trail.

If you have already registered with Automation Anywhere University, just log in with your email ID and password to access your training dashboard.

What types of RPA training options are available?

Free RPA training: AAU offers several free self-paced courses and learning trails to help you prepare for Advanced RPA certification. Visit the Learning Trails page and select “Free” to view.

Learning Subscription: The AAU Learning Subscription is a 12-month subscription plan that provides access to all online learning, RPA certification exams, and entrance to any virtual instructor-led training. Visit the Learning Subscription page to learn more and sign up.

Virtual Instructor-Led Classes: Register for an immersive, practical instructor-led class to boost your RPA skills and knowledge. View monthly schedules and register to attend.

Authorized Training Partners: Our global authorized training partners offer public classroom and virtual live training for a fee.

Which course do I start with?

If you're new to RPA, start with our introductory learning trail, Getting Started with RPA, which includes a collection of introductory RPA courses.

For more information about RPA training by role, visit the New to RPA page. You can also select one of our most popular role-based learning trails and earn valuable badges. Visit the RPA Learning Trails page to view all available learning trails.

If you have already completed the learning trails, we have many topic-based courses on advanced topics. Visit the RPA Courses page, select your learning level and enroll in those that are relevant to you.

Can I start a course as soon as I enroll?

Once you register for an AAU account and enroll in a free course or learning trail, you can start that training immediately. If you select a course or learning trail that is part of the Learning Subscription, you will need to subscribe in order to access it.

Are there technical requirements for accessing the Automation Anywhere University online courses?

Automation Anywhere University online courses are accessible on most browsers and mobile devices.