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Intelligent Document Processing with IQ Bot

Intelligent Document Processing with IQ Bot (formerly known as IQ Bot Advanced) is a two-day class that explores both basic and advanced functions of IQ Bot and intelligent document processing. The training focuses on providing application-level information, covering the features, functions and operations of IQ Bot.

Learners are provided with opportunities to practice hands-on exercise with simple to medium complexity documents. The guided practice provides learners with timely feedback on their performance and allows them to review the techniques needed to set up Learning Instances and train IQ Bots.

During the program, each learner is provided with a standard set of sample documents that simulate real world documents with common errors and opportunity to work with IQ Bot to improve document extraction capabilities.

Duration: 2 days

  • 7-8 hour session each day

Maximum Class Size: 10

Learning Objectives

After completing this training, learners will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a strong understanding of the IQ Bot platform, architecture, and components, and explain in detail various features and functionalities of the platform
  • Demonstrate a good understanding of Learning Instances, document classification, training IQ Bots, and Validator
  • Independently train IQ bots to successfully extract data from basic and medium documents and handle typical document errors
  • Develop IQ Bot Learning Instances for document data extraction
  • Increase productivity with IQ Bot
  • Demonstrate a good understanding of RPA IQ Bot command to process documents in IQ Bot
  • Explain the use of Python to enhance extraction in IQ Bot
  • Explain the process of adding Custom Document Domains to IQ Bot
  • Identify use cases and improve document extraction capabilities


  1. IQ Bot Developer (3 hours)
  2. Citizen Developer Basics (4 hours)