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Business Analyst (Automation 360)

About the trail

Business Analyst (Automation 360)

This learning trail teaches business analysts how to analyze business processes and introduce RPA into your organization. This trail provides an understanding of dependencies and considerations to build out a valid case for automation.

Learning trail objectives

By the end of this learning trail, you should be able to:

  • Identify business processes for automation
  • Build a basic bot using Automation 360
  • Automate tasks using Automation 360 Excel commands
  • Automate Excel tasks using RPA bots for Excel
  • Automate Salesforce tasks using RPA bots for Salesforce
  • Manage RPA reports using Automation 360
  • Course Duration Duration: 5 hours 15 minutes
  • E-Learning Format:E-Learning
  • Cost Cost: Free

Badge on completion

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Business Analyst Automation 360

NOTICE: Please note that the ‘Automating Tasks Using RPA Bots for Excel (Automation 360)’ is an optional course. The 'RPA Bots for Excel' plug-in is not in active development, and it is not available for download. This course serves as a reference for users that have already installed the plug-in.

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