RPA Program Manager (Automation 360)

About the trail

RPA Program Manager (Automation 360)

This learning trail teaches RPA program managers how to gather business requirements, identify Robotic Process Automation or RPA opportunities, manage automation project scope, and develop and deploy automations in an organization that wants to implement RPA.

Learning trail objectives

By the end of this learning trail, you should be able to:

  • Identify the strategy, process, role, responsibilities and technology focus areas critical for RPA implementation
  • Perform Complexity Assessment and generate an effort range for automation development and standardization
  • Perform Feasibility Assessment to identify the feasibility of automating a task or process
  • Establish an RPA Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Automation 360
  • Evaluate RPA analytics using Automation 360 Bot Insight
  • Course Duration

    Duration: 2 hours, 45 minutes

  • E-Learning

    Format: E-Learning

  • Cost

    Cost: Subscription

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RPA Program Manager (Automation 360)


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